The automated solution

With Apiel products can be made several automated solutions to improve productivity and reduce the use of personnel.

Industrial robots and machines for assembly

Apiel produces 9 different types of Cartesian robots and two models of Scara robots. Our industrial robots permit the construction of application ranging from pick and place to more complex systems, such as automatic assembly and automatic gluing machines.

Cartesian Robot

Palletizers and conveyors

Apiel produces conveyors and palletizers to create complete end of line. The production of automatic palletising systems is of 15 models, able to satisfy the widest needs of automation of end of line. The production of conveyor belts allows to realize end line of small dimensions with high level of automation.

Cartesian robot palletizer

Automated warehouses

Apiel produces automated warehouses for containers, reels, boxes and minipallet. With our automated warehouse our transport and our shuttle conveyors, we can create automatic plants for handling crates, boxes and minipallet.

Automatic Warehouse

Our products include equipment for industrial production: assembly machine, bar feeder, measurning machine.